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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Edison Vs. Tesla? COME ON.

I go for EDISON 'cause he was just a straight-up thug. He was like, a borderline-criminal kingpin of science! The world's first real-life supervillain mastermind mad scientist.

You know Edison stole a print of George Méliès A Trip To The Moon and then made a shitload of copies of it to show in the U.S.? Never paid Méliès a franc! Meanwhile, he was a vigilant protector of film rights - on his own films. The efforts of his Motion Picture Patents Company to suppress and control rival film pioneers all but created the film industry in Hollywood - by chasing every wannabe filmmaker out of the tri-state area! The dude was basically a one-man enterprise of brute force intimidation and villainy, turning every gear and lever of the system to his advantage while chewing up and grinding under heel every competitor he possibly could.

Tesla? Hell. Come on. The guy was bright, sure, but he just didn't have the eye of the tiger.

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