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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Occasionally, a man loses track of his belt, and has to email people about it.

Is there a MAN'S BELT kicking around your house? Perhaps draped over a chair? Perhaps fallen behind something? Could it be a MAN'S BELT with a dark color strap; a squarish, gunmetal-gray buckle? Have you ever seen a MAN'S BELT in the greater living room or kitchen area since say, last Tuesday?

Have you ever threaded a MAN'S BELT through the loops of your waistband? Tighten it up, slide the buckle-peg into its snug notch, let the excess strap flap free! Did you ever take a MAN'S BELT in your hands and double it back, loop it so that your left hand held both ends with your right gripping the folded middle - then CRACK! you jerk your hands outward, snapping the belt taught?

Ah, a MAN'S BELT can be a great thing to hold your pants up, or suitable for home defense. A MAN'S BELT.

Is there one in YOUR home?

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JMH said...

Some of the same things could be said about my left shoe, although it strikes me as far less embarrassing to email people about your belt.