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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Most of the time, perfection's only pretty neat.

...And the reason you can never remember perfection is, perfection is not what happened. Perfection isn't what you actually did - it's the blaze of a moment where something was created, and it's the glow your memory gives that moment. But the thing itself - the idea, the act, the perfect turn of phrase - wasn't perfection, never was. Even if you reconstruct that turn of phrase precisely later, word for word, your mind will say, "aw man that is not it. It was better than that. Why can't I remember!? Why didn't I write it down?"

Perfection must always be written down, or your mind will never be satisfied you got it right. What you reconstruct perfectly later is not good enough. But if write it down, your mind will be forced to succumb. "Wait, was that it? I guess it was. I thought it was better than that! But yeah, I guess this was it. OK!

Pretty neat!"

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JMH said...

Pretty neat post. Perfection is an everyday tiny taste of the impossible, just enough to get you hooked.