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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Do NOT "Assume."

Do NOT "assume."


It's an ASSHOLE move, dude! You go around assuming, telling people you assume this, assume that - you will be caught out cold! Sooner or later, some wag or dirty dog is going to come along and call your number on that "assume" biz. Don't do it; not worth it! It isn't worth the risk.

Presume or suppose, instead. They'll never catch you out that way! Better yet, suspect.

What are they going to do in that case? If all you did was "suspect"! What's their recourse? To prove your suspicions wrong - to restore your faith in humanity? "Oh, I suspected, but I was wrong! Whew, glad!" Fuck!

You pretty much pulled the trump card, there - as you can see. As opposed to the fool who assumes - he pretty much opens himself up to all sorts of little snitty little comebacks, on that basis.

Give them no such openings. None of this "I assumed so." Go strong. No need to go so easy on people who are only waiting to nail you for your misstatement with a clever rejoinder to make YOU look like the dork. SCREW "I assumed so."

"I suspected as much."


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