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Monday, May 06, 2013

Good Thoughts, Good Thoughts

So I've been thinking good thoughts lately. Without even trying!

I don't mean "good" as in "high-quality." These aren't supersmart, heavily-intellectual thoughts by any means. Nor would such a thing impress me. No, these thoughts are more "good thoughts" as in, thoughts that sort of just seem in the best interest of humanity. In everyone's best interest! "For the greater good." Thoughts like that, where if anyone else or indeed, if everyone else had that same thought, they might immediately say "Right on, brother!"

Except, to whom would they be saying "Right on, brother!"? It wouldn't be to me! In the scenario, these thoughts are occurring to each person, individually, as if they simply came up with it on their own. So then to suddenly come out loud in response - "Right on, brother!" - to one's own thought? Some might find this troubling.

These sorts of implications and complications are part of why many people have grave concerns over so-called "group-think," - and I for one couldn't agree more.


Chicken Maker said...

Well, I talk to myself on occasion. By which I mean fairly often. Usually more rudely, but I've dropped the occasional "Right On" to my own idea.

dogimo said...

Right on, brother!