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Thursday, May 09, 2013

How to Tell If I Thought You Were Serious

1. You say something.
2. Are you serious? I don't know!
3. I respond with the perfectly serious response.
3A. If you were serious, I gave the perfectly serious response. My sincerity is always evident, and frequently devastating.

3B. If you were joking - I gave the perfectly serious response! My bone-literal straight-man remarks generously provide you the platform, for you to keep going, build the joke with me, until it could actually start to be funny!
4. Now you're like, "is this guy serious?"

But really, it didn't matter.

Did it?

1 comment:

dogimo said...

I realize I've said this before (Appreciate Your Straight-Man!, and Oh Sorry Were You Joking?), but I figured do a minimalist version.

#2 should probably technically be "care," not "know." But that's the great thing about being completely sincere! Who cares if the other person isn't? That part's on them. You did your part, either way.