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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I just want to say I don't think happiness is important.

I don't understand a view of happiness that sees happiness as the natural state of things, and then when it's interrupted by something bad, people are like "OH!! MY HAPPINESS!" - like that's what's bad! Like the bad thing about the bad thing is that it took our happiness.

The bad thing's bad because it SUCKED - who cares about happiness when there is something bad to deal with??

OK, I realize that tons of people do. I'm confessing a weird thing here, maybe. I don't care about happiness. Happiness is not important. Finding a way (finding many ways) to meet reality and deal with bad shit is important. That bad shit is going to keep happening forever, and the bad shit is going to keep ruining your day and parts of your life, but - once you come up with the best ways you can, to deal with it the best way it can be dealt with - you can stop dwelling on it. Further worry won't help. At that point you can take what comes.

The best way it can be dealt with may not be all that awesome, but the best you can do is best you can do. You look out for better ways as you go, but until those come along there aren't better methods than the best you can do, to deal with the bad.

Happiness is not important. When happiness happens, it happens naturally (in-between crises, anyway) once you've taken care of what's important. Even in terms of good things, you can't find happiness by seeking it! Only by seeking for what's more important. When you GET what's important - someone you love surprises you with love, or you overjoy someone you love! Or you overcome obstacles to secure a real home for you and all of yours, or you find and excel in a JOB in a company you LOVE in an industry that matters to you, or you work hard for a cause in your community, and that cause triumphs! - people who think happiness is important, generally it's these other things that are important to you. Seek them, feed them!

Don't care about your happiness. Your happiness trails after you, insatiable, a child with a chocolate-smeared face awaiting the next treat.

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