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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


This is a TV network I want to start: 24 hour round the clock tv channel, running down in order round the clock over and over the top most wanted criminals, (or OK, I guess, technically "suspects" might be the technical term in some cases) and hot most intriguing fugitives from justice, with documentary segments, call in segments (where the viewers can give theories and tipoffs, sightings) and etc.

In fact, if somebody called in on the 24-hour trace-phone tip line with a "hot tip" on a positive sighting of a top fugitive, and FUGITV tv had an affiliate in the area (they contract out to various bounty hunter / bail bondsman types who are willing to wear the cameras and sign the waivers) who could coordinate with the tipoff person, vet the quality of their tip and greenlight a live op, it could go suddenly LIVE breaking into the normally-scheduled programming with a LATE-BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! Naturally, with all the due notification of the cops as the law requires, although I suspect that the affiliate's process of validating the tipoff would land FUGITV about ten steps ahead of local law enforcement on the collar. You can't, after all, assume every whacko calling in with a tip is on the level!

I think people would be glued to that shit. Especially certain people of interest.


Mel said...

This sounds exciting. While I was reading it I had visions of Lauryn Hill being host of the show. Which could be cool.

One time, one time ...

dogimo said...


dogimo said...

You know what? Cancel that previous remark - that was actually a terribly clever reference!

I can't even fathom why I reacted that way. I must have been in a low-brow frame of mind. Today, in my right frame, I'm not only lovin' the remark I'm literally agreeing with you - Lauren Hill would be an ideal choice to present for one of the shows or time-blocks or feature seqments or what have you. She's not only a beautiful woman with presence and voice, she's pretty fucking righteous as well - I imagine that for certain types of people fleeing the scene she'd have this or that to say about the involvement of the man in the whole thing - you know? That possible "unsavory" aspect?

Because Ms. Hill's not going to just tow the line on some government barge of lies.

Mel said...

You know it.

She's got cred. She knows what it's like to be in the pokey, the big house, the slammer. She knows what it's like to be on the wrong side of "the law". She's all "fuck paying taxes" - she's all "I'm not gonna have an economic system imposed on me".

Sh would own a show like this.

Plus, I heard she sang a good song ...

dogimo said...

OK, now you're just tryin', Mel.

JMH said...

I am stoned to the beJesus, although I'll take responsibility for what I say. fuck.

I'm listening to Carly Simon, which is a bit touchy on the heterosexual scale, but I would watch the shit out of that show you described. especially with a friend a in high-crime area (I'm only mid-crime). I would watch for evidence of injustices and refer them to my liberal partners (not gay!!!!!!!!)

So insecure.

This show would make so many of my evenings with people I barely know so much more interactive, doable. Do-able, it's spelled.


dogimo said...

Carly Simon's great!!

The other thing, since this would be a 24 hour channel, people who got into it could begin haunting themselves for not watching EVERY MINUTE and being one of FUGTV's COUNTLESS EYES OF JUSTICE!

dogimo said...

I should have said "being two." Two of FUGTV's countless eyes.

Mel said...

This concept is so good it needs to go international. AND I HAVE JUST THE PLACE.

Our new Supreme Court/District Court buildings are literally surrounded/covered by eyes. It's supposed to be a work entitled Thousands of Eyes but I've always thought of it as THE EYES OF JUSTICE.

And it's totally ready to go global with your idea.

These pics don't do it justice (pun actually I swear not intended) but only a video could really capture the true, er, remarkableness of them, but they'll have to suffice.

YOU CAN EVEN SIT ON THEM. Perfect place for a host to host from.

And I love the quote in this article...

"White paint would have been good for me," he said.

JMH said...

Wow. In cases such as last night, I should stick to simple observation because I have no idea what any of my comments mean -- there's no connective thread. They're like the brain trying to find new neural pathways because all the old ones are either blocked or destroyed. It's off-roading, essentially.