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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

If There Wasn't a Law Against It #1: Gravity

If there wasn't a law against it, I'd look up in the sky until my body would rise, and my feet lose traction and gently slip free from the earth, and faster and faster through a rushing wind I would go up with widening eyes on one fixed star, heart beating faster, breathing ever deeper until the air thinned out into nothing - my streaming tears, drying into frost forming across my face and on my skin, as my gaze finally falls free from that one fixed star and my body begins to spin.

That law? GRAVITY.

Considering we'd all pretty much be doing that, I think a little gratitude for law is in order.

Except the people indoors of course! Those dudes could hold out for a while longer. Shut the windows tight, though - that atmosphere's going to be bleeding out the back like a motherfucker!

But the point is - GROW UP. Not every law is some big imposition on you. I bet we can all think of a law or two without which - life could get pret-ty inconvenient.

While I'm at it, it's important to note: nobody has any call to be offended by somebody telling them "GROW UP." That's just good general advice!

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