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Monday, March 28, 2016

Rumored Projects "In The Works" #1: Pixar's Junk

Now folks, this is a "rumored project in-the-works" so take that with a grain of salt! A lot of these don't materialize no matter how awesome they sound, but that's our job as the public to spread the hype and the demand and make sure it happens.

In development now but slated for 2018 release: Pixar's Junk, a collaboration with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It's set in a world ("In a world...") where all the characters are human genitalia, male, female, you name it - all lightly anthropomorphized with tiny lil' cartoony wiggly limbs, animated cartoony eyes and mouth, but apart from those add-ons the CGI technique is supposedly an absolute breakthrough in photoreal depiction. Even the little outfits they wear look just like real little outfits! Naturally there's a lot of subtext poking fun at stereotypes, prudery, cultural and religious biases.

The plot concerns an invasion of fist aliens with designs of their own on the populace. Rumored but not yet committed to direct: Brad Bird.

Anyway that's the way I heard it.


VEG said...

I'd laugh hard at this post, but if it's real then ONLY Parker and Stone could pull it off. Seriously. And I'd so see it. Just because, those guys are evil geniuses. And I'm all about evil genius. And I know all about talking cocks (hi Donald Trump!)

dogimo said...

I agree. I wonder how we can get those guys on board!

Mr. Parker, Mr. Stone - if you're reading this and are interested, I'll totally settle for a "Story By" credit. And wait 'til you hear the story...!