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Monday, March 21, 2016

Timely As Usual #4: Some Concerns About Snapchat

Following up on my recent expose of Chatroulette, I have some concerns about Snapchat that I'd like to be alarmist about.

#1, it disappears after 10 seconds? Could we make Twitter do that?

#2, how is this any different from just using your imagination?

#3, doesn't this just sort of make light of ADD sufferers? A lot of people with perfectly well-spanned attentions aping a deficiency! What's next, autocomplete with a stutter? Tourette's for spellcheck?

#4. expect to see some troubling issues involving copyright down the road.

#5. how is this any different from just standing right next to the person you message and then grabbing their device and deleting the message?

#6. I see potential for abuse here, such as if you get a snapchat image that says YOU WILL DIE IN SEVEN DAYS. Ten seconds later it's gone! How do you convince people of the threat? Also, how can you call off the curse if you can't show somebody else the image?

#7. The name's pretty cool. "Snapchat"! I like that. Much better than the original name, which according to the internet, was Picaboo. Too much like Picachu! Yet much inferior to Picachu - derivative but inferior is no way to go. By comparison, "Picachu" would have been perfect! "Peek At Choo"? Get it? "Peek At You?" Perfect! That's all you get is a peek! But "Picaboo," that's lame. It sounds like you're snapchat messaging to babies, which...let's just drop the subject, ok? That's just disgusting.

I want to make it clear I've never tried Snapchat, but a big part of that is because of all the alarmist concerns.


Resonating Sound said...

"#1, it disappears after 10 seconds? Could we make Twitter do that?"

Ha! For a large portion of tweets, it would not be a bad idea!

All valid points. I pretty much just use it to show off the pups and share moments of the them with the other. The other then 'screen shots' ones for keeps. Only some phones can do that, though.

Also, now I am even more glad that I am careful with my privacy settings. There is just something about death threats that seems off putting.

dogimo said...

Yes, it seems good for those things.

And by "pups" you mean...dogs, right?

Agree with you on the death threats. Death threats should at the very least be based on something public!

Resonating Sound said...

Yes, I do mean the dogs.

Something public, yes. Sadly, I'm pretty sure most threats to life are inspired by something personal.

dogimo said...

Most threats to life, surely yes, but most threats to life don't come with an advance "death threat" to herald them. I feel like death threats are generally made to people you don't know.