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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thought of the day: Anticonformity

Anticonformity is just another kind of conformity. It doesn't make you freer to forbid yourself what some crowd participates in, you've just chained yourself out instead of in.


dogimo said...

I've said the same thing before in other words. One day I'll nail it sweet & pithy!

VEG said...

This is SO true. But then you knew that, because you said it.

In a completely different direction - I passed through your neck of the woods a couple of weeks back on my way from SFO to SoCal. I waved as I drove through. :)

dogimo said...

Ah dang! I wish I'd known, I could have thrown a latte at your car as you passed! Or something equally high-speed convivial. Beautiful country innit?

/belatedly waves

VEG said...

That's a pretty nice town! Surfy! I liked. Plus you know, the CA coast is MAGNIFICENT.

Make that latte a black coffee next time though. You can hurl the latte at someone else. :)