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Friday, August 26, 2016

Unsolicited Product Service Feature Offerings #5: YelpFaceLinked

*a nice-looking, clean, bright professional office setting*

*singing woman carrying in a tray, walking towards camera with a small crowd of singing co-workers all gathering in and around towards camera. On the tray is a large RAIN BOOT in cheery 60's cartoon flower bumblebee rainbow colors*

(to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You")

"Get the fuck out of here. Get the fuck out OF here. Get the FUCK out, get the fuck out get the fuck. out. of herrrrre!"

*Reverse angle on: seated at desk, well-dressed, haircutted GUY who is getting the BOOT:

His FACE is bright, a wide, partly-openmouth smile but eyes also wide, wondering, unsure*


"Not sure how your colleagues really feel about you? Try YelpFaceLinked. YelpFaceLinked is a platform for professionals to come together and offer unbiased raves, opinions, and personal takes on each other, based on real experience, of real people from real people. YelpFaceLinked: Where Transparency Professionally Goes Globally Social on Itself.

YelpFaceLinked is a professional-focused platform of YelpFace. YelpFace, Where People Come to Yelp Each Other Out."

During the narration, you see screenshots and pans of the functionality, and if you lean in and squint a bit you can read some of the comments. Good stuff.

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dogimo said...

Sample review from the boot guy's page on YelpFaceLinked:

"This guy sucks squiggly little chicken embryos out of EGGS and incubates them in his MOUTH until a COCK pops out"