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Friday, September 30, 2016

PLUTARCHY: The Game of Global Rape and Plunder!

There should be a board game that's a cross between Monopoly and RISK.

Oh never mind. There is already. A bit ad hoc, and kind of confusing though. They're calling it "Riskopoly" - that's sound enough, I suppose. You can look it up. It seems to be more a fanfic slash boardgame than an actual product. They want you to use 2 boards, the actual Monopoly board and the actual RISK board! Heck, why not throw in Stratego at that point?

There should be a better board game that combines Monopoly and RISK.

It should be called OLIGARCHY.

Or if that's taken: HEGEMONY?

Or if that's taken, oh heck, the name doesn't really matter folks. Make up a word, and it will come to mean that if your gameplay's good enough.

PLUTARCHY. You can play as a military power, a megaglobal syndicate, or a rogue ideology. Better yet, each player gets to play as all three!

Over the course of the game, things can change. You might lose your military power entirely, and still win the game! Military powers have different goals, you can divest yourself of that (or of the syndicate business) and play all-out along only one line. Suppose you lose your armed forces, but gain an extra megaglobal syndicate? That's huge. Imagine if unbeknownst to the world - what if Coke OWNS Pepsi? Or unbeknownst to the world - what if Bayer OWNS Monsanto?

It would be a super-sinister development, with the powers-behind edging that much closer to Global Hegemony. Or whatever.

You can have as many rogue ideologies as you like, but everybody has to have at least one. Each lets you do different things, but liabilities apply as well - and your internal factions can begin to dissonate each other, if you're not careful to keep them divided, conquered and working separately towards your multifarious goals. Rogue ideologies include theocracism (there are a number of these in different flavors!), fanatisystem (same), absolutist relativism (only one of these really, the whole "all wrongs are equally false" deal - primarily used to undermine!), conspiriarchy, dogmagic orthotoxy, and more! Picking up two or three of these gives you a lot of flexibility to undermine, subvert, motivate and terrorize in a way people on the internet will be quick to justify and/and condemn.

Military power is probably best used sparingly, or towards areas where they don't have much media hookup. Of course, if you control enough of the get a pretty acceptable risk.

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dogimo said...

Naturally, as a player you'll probably start out with both a military power and a megaglobal syndicate, which may be diversified or specialized in things like finance, commedia, masscrap, or bioaggro. You always have at least 1 rogue ideology, though you can collect as many as you like.

Each thing has its own ways, means, ends, and each player tries to build a winning combo to undermine the others. A military power is what owns territory, and tends to have a goal to increase control, extend influence, inflict retribution: overt power and threat thereof. A megaglobal syndicate wants to own consumers, ultimately to maximize profits by increasing the cost of living to what that market can bear. Naturally you'll sell cheap in some terrorities just to control the marketshare, and overcharge anywhere they can't stop you.

Governments don't exist really. The systems that run under that form basically operate as military (controls territory) or syndicate (penetrates markets) or both. You do your best to shut theirs out and get yours in. It's all about product, service, invasion, doing your best to reap huge gains while avoiding expensive uprisings or devastating crashes in your markets and territories.