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Monday, January 29, 2018

THE BIG QUESTIONS. #1: What Do People Want From Life?

What Do People Want From Life?

People want different things. Not all of them, though! Some want the same thing. The people who want different things may be lonely, if they want someone to share what they find and create, but no one is there. It's because what they found and created was what they want. Other people didn't want it. It was different.

The people who want the same thing don't always have it easy, either. Some of them have a hard time finding other people who want the same thing. It can be incredibly lonely knowing you want the same thing, but you're the only one you can find who wants it. Other people find the same thing, only to discover it isn't what they wanted. Maybe it doesn't live up to their expectations. You can spend your whole life trying to get the same thing, only to find out it's something else. It's different.

So in the final analysis, people generally want different things. The trick is, to find out what YOU want from life, and then trick someone into giving it to you. In the analysis shortly following the previously-final analysis, that's a pretty good trick!

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