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Saturday, July 27, 2019

What does it mean to fuck off

What is the most extreme example of fucking off you have ever witnessed? Were they suggested to fuck off, or did they spot the opportunity on their own?

Well one time, this guy I knew from birth (far as I can tell, the only reason I knew him) but who had since grown to be a real thorn on both sides of any issue, just stood up out of nowhere. Announced to the room:

"Why don't I take a flying fuck at the beautiful bare-ass silvery light of the moon? In with a chance to plant my pole, let my freak flag furl and stand with a hand on the heart of things, while below me a proud and grateful world lifts its eyes to their feet and cries and sings? I suspect anyone struck by the chance of that would not fail to respect the good of it, if they tried. Shall I do it then? Or now? If you could fuck off - if you saw your chance, like I - would you do it? Would you fuck entirely off, or just a modicum? How much off would an off fuck fuck if an off fuck could fuck off? And are you the fuckoff? Or just the off? Fuck if I know, but I wouldn't discount the possibility before trying to foist it full-price as fair wares for any discerning fucker, potentially, of off. In the end it reduces to this: the beneficial off should be fucked. But who benefits?"

And he sits! And stays.

The whole room exploded in inattention resuming the usual course of their blended and warped, weft, wiftily wended way. It was a social fabric we wove, and whether we knew it all or not, we were all the stronger for the inclusion of such off and fucking possibilities.


I knew I was.

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