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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Strange Tales of Repartee #3

Somebody called me ridonkulous, I called her redickudonk. Then she called me redonkudick.

I think she won that one.


Chicken Maker said...

Hey, you still exist! Good job not being petty and trying to just add extra syllables.

dogimo said...

Hey Chicken Maker! Indeed I do am. I exist. It is but one of my life's involuntary yet wholly embraced and owned accomplishments. Even aimed in parts.

I seem to have switched most of my blog focus over to ye ole poem-a-day(-on-average) blog in the sidebar, where the felt burden of sense uplifts even more than it drags down, somehow. Meanwhile poor Erstwhile Main Blog languishes in a neglect some may well call benign, but I, boldly eschewing value judgments in a rare want/wont discontinuity, call neglect. Adjectives should be neglected when the noun itself is so indifferent.

You must have made so many chickens in the interim. I will pop over for a peep a bit later. Cheep n' fuzzy thrills a-peckin' I shan't be surprised to expect and reckon!

I prefer to refer to them as "bonus syllables"