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Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Actual Comments from Actual You-Tube Videos!

"I still get a woody when i see the 'babe' in this video, my god she was stunning. Great song, damn good group, and what a babe!! She alone could solve the middle east issue! God Bless her!"

"Ace video. I like it because she looks in a shop window. That is something with which I can very well identify having once done that myself. Good work"

"Mine was a reasoned response. Your comment was just diarrhea flowing like water from your typing."

"fuck you. youre just a little pussy whos got no game. and you cant compete with other guys. this songs tight."

"lol :) idk y im a sicko i love acdc theyre badass but there aint mothin wrong with standin up 4 what u believe"

"I think that you're amking a mistake about Truman. He was right when desegregated the Army, but wrong about the atom bomb on Japan. He already know,and very well, that Japan was defeated many months before drop the bombs. There was no need to do that and he knew it. About MacArthur another mistake: with him leading the american troops, if USA had won that war there were no Vietnam War surely. Truman did make a huge mistake."
(this was on a video for "I Can Dream About You" from St. Elmo's Fire)

"batman is a poor choice of screen name for you. Batman would not do that. jerk. I hate you"

"Wow this video is made of fail. You define douche bag"

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