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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey, Ladies - - !

Yeah, guess what I just did?

Rotated my tires.

Yeah. That's right.

Pretty hot stuff, huh? That's some sleek, greased excitement fo' ya.

I don't do that a lot, to be honest. I kind of had to. You see, I was inspecting my tires and the right front one - there were some signs of uneven wear. All the others are fine, just that one, so I changed it out for my mint full-size spare, and then I rotated the other ones around so now the absolute two best treads are twinned in the lead left and right positions, the two rear tires have good strong tread, and the unevenly-worn previous front-right is now demoted to spare (until I have a chance to get it re-treaded).

See...this is why I don't do the blogging autobiographically.

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