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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brett Favre Meme!

Hey, I've been seeing a lot of discussion about memes lately, from Kanye West to "WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?" as well as others, but here's one now that's been going along in the background for some time, stealth-wise. I don't think it's truly been called out and recognized for the meme that it is! I give you: the BRETT FAVRE MEME.


It's pretty clear to me that the Brett Favre meme is in full swing! And shows no signs of abating. It just grows from one site to the next site! People keep posting picture after picture of Brett Favre, often with some sort of slogan on the picture, such as "BRETT FAVRE":


Sometimes, as in the above photo, there appears to be some point being made. But just as often it's just the meme itself, in its purest form:


Anyway, it's clear to me that this is one of the most major, prevalent memes on the internet today. Why people don't seem to be recognizing it for the meme that it is is up to debate. But I think it's worth pointing it out, and tracking its progression.

This is one meme to watch!


Lunarchick said...

Hey hey hey now. Are you pulling the wool over my eyes? Are you the meme artist here? Is this a for-real meme I haven't seen yet? I am so ashamed.

PS - I am in a ranting kind of mood today so don't expect much, if anything, I write to make sense.

dogimo said...

I'm not sure I pulled it off very well. It was supposed to be just a bit of gentle fun poked at the idea of memery itself. Or perhaps, poking fun at the idea of Brett Favrery itself.

Some folks on a messageboard were complaining about the endless propagation of Brett Favre throughout the internet, and I said to myself, "HEY! Brett Favre is a MEME!"