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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The End Is Nigh, But With a Bitchin' Aftermath, Though

The postmodern apocalypse will be an apocalypse of ideas. In its wake, wild bands of leather-clad spike-haired subversivores will converge on the few holdouts and bastions of dry scholarship and empirical knowledge, and circle relentlessly hurling taunts and whoots at the despairing, bedraggled stragglers who hold the walls against them. Circling and circling in their wild, preposterous, patched-together rhetorical conveyances, these marauders will kick up clouds of dust and demand that all remaining undisputed facts be yielded up to them - fuel for their engines of deconstruction!

Until suddenly - unlooked-for, unheralded! - appearing over the dry, sun-bleached rise with a mad glint of tragic sanity in his right eye, with a stride that personifies the word "definite," with a grim equanimity in his sure, steady hand and a head full of desperate measures...the stranger comes.

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dogimo said...

"Subversivore" is a made-up word. It means "an uncritical consumer of manufactured subversiveness, esp. one who considers himself or herself to be more intellectually rigorous than consumers of the culture's dominant paradigms."

Usage note: Subversivores (the uncritical consumers of subversive paradigms) are to be distinguished from the subversavants who design and manufacture subversive paradigms. These two groups rarely mix. Subversavants provide the template for subversivores to conform to, but they do not often participate - since while they do not take well to presumptions of social equality from their inferiors, they are typically catastrophically ill-equipped for leadership roles.