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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was right there in the crowd as this was happening! I was right there, losing my mind, as the events captured in this video unfolded right before my scandalized eyes. I did not take the video in question, but I was there and I will vouch for the fact that this is pretty much exactly how the events in question went down, that fateful night at Santa Cruz's venerable venue The Catalyst.

He's really not that good, is he? Well he's BETTER THAN I AM, PAL!

Yeah. That's right.

EDIT: Here's a better one. Not from Santa Cruz, though - same tour but Dublin, and it's "Harder Than You Think"

"Fight the power" comes with great responsibility
"Fuck the police?" - well who's stopping
you from killing me?

I wish I had a clip from the night I saw, with good quality audio. The audio in this one is not clear. On the night I was there, and they were there, they put this one over so hard I left with a new favorite anthem.

Mind you, tied for first with a couple others of theirs.

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