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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Often Begin Sentences with Conjunctions!

But I don't see any problem with that.

Another couple of the "big ones" that I flout as the needs of sound and sense demand it: the ol' split-infinitive bugaboo, and the prohibition against sentence-ending prepositions.

To me those are style issues, not grammatical issues. While careless, clumsy offenses against these taboos can lead to ungainly prose, there are plenty of instances where style demands that this or that pedantic rule be snubbed in the name of truth and beauty. Or even, grace and simplicity.

Now, this post is no example of that! I'm just being conversational here.


Lunarchick said...

My preference is to think that the rules are simply there to be learned and then thoughtfully (and ok sometimes thoughtlessly)broken.

You are not the boss of me rules! :-)

dogimo said...

Well that's quite true! I'm not even the boss of me own rules.

But yes, I agree - learn, internalize, forget. I mean, I'll re-read Strunk & White's from time to time, but that's for enjoyment.