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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Indefensible Overheard Remarks #7: Jonas Brothers Concert

So I heard this guy - can you believe this guy?! - and he said - not even in a QUIET VOICE, he said it right out loud, with breezy, self-satisfied mirth, he said: "I want to go to a Jonas Brothers concert, right in the front row, so I could just zone out for a couple hours with sweaty 15-year-old girls pressed up against me screaming."

I was like, dude. Those tickets are going to cost you like $1000. You could hire ten girls for that amount of money, and listen to whatever music you want.

I mean, yeah. As long as that's all you want them to do. Anything more than that - that's a little disgusting there, bud. This isn't England or wherever, where 14 is the boinking age. On our side of the pond, there's a word for that, several words in fact, and they're all called illegal.

This guy, he didn't say a word back in his defense. I think he likes the Jonas Brothers. I think that was the real reason.

Of course, he might have said nothing because, it was indefensible. As indicated in the very title of this post.

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