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Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Dream Journal #14: Shhhhh!! Confessions!

Wow, that was the most graphic, realistic-seeming dream nookie I have ever experienced. That wasn't just hot, hardcore and graphic, it was tender and romantic as well. I think I nearly cried. Me! I'm not a crier by any means.

I'm not going to like, describe it in detail or anything, but, "*WOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo*"!

And now I feel guilty, almost. I feel like I've been infidelitous. Infidelicious? Unfaithful, anyway.

How ridiculous is that? It was a dream. I know that a dream, obviously...that doesn't count! Especially since, in the dream I wasn't seeing anybody. It was set in a previous or parallel or otherwise unattached time and place. But still, this was a pretty intense dream. That doesn't make it count, though. Your waking self can't be held accountable for your actions of dream-self. You're not thinking clearly! Things make sense that wouldn't normally make sense. Things happen weirdly and out-of-sequence. You're walking through the parking lot at night, after work, having a nice conversation with the CUTE (!!) swing shift security supervisor, next thing you know you come across a sunlit field with a bunch of other employees there making out, and you're continuing your conversation lying down on a big red blanket. Next thing you know, you're not continuing your conversation. You're doing...other things. At some point, all the other people seem to have vanished. At least I think they vanished. I believe they had the decency to vanish. I don't go putting on shows.

But see, my whole point is: things like that don't happen in real life! I'm sure I knew at the time it was a dream, on some level. I'm not a psycho or something, I know there's nothing wrong with what you do in a dream. I'm not, abnormally inhibited or something.

But even still. At the time, it seemed pretty damn real! And when I saw G________ today, she had an extra-bright smile for me! I don't know. She has a bright smile anyway. I'm probably imagining things.

I would like to point out one thing I'm very proud of is the fact that I've never cheated on anyone. Whenever I've been in a committed/exclusive relationship, I've never betrayed that by having sex with somebody else. There were some pretty close calls, but I've always done the right thing as far as that goes.

But still. I don't know. This business with sexy dreams, it does disturb me a bit. Seems like something should have kicked in, there. Some stopper. Because I don't go in for dalliances!

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dogimo said...

OK, to the commenter: I'm not going to post that. That's gross, dude.

But the question itself does warrant an answer, I guess. The answer is: no, I didn't.

I'm not really sure why, but I never have had it happen where the events of a dream, no matter how vivid, have resulted in a...real-world bodily outcome of that nature.

I mean, I know that does happen. People say it happens all the time. There must just be some disconnect, for me, or maybe my junk knows the difference and isn't interested in going all out for the sake of some phantasm.

In any case, as alluded to here, this Open Dream Journal is from years ago. However, I am confident in my answer nonetheless. The answer is definitely no - I would certainly have noticed!

Thank you for the question, though! However indelicately posed.