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Monday, September 14, 2009

Open Dream Journal #26: Return Of The Old gods

This was WEIRD. One of those in-between the hits of the snooze alarm dreams this morning.

All of the old gods had come back. Well, not "come back" exactly, but some strange experiment had gone wrong that allowed these formerly fictional beings to exist in real life. And it wasn't all the old gods really, just the heavy hitters of Norse, Greek, a few Aztec-y looking ones, a smattering of others. Not every single old god but a nice sampling, at least a couple dozen gods and goddesses. And what they decided to do, to get their message across (they seemed to have a message that they felt was important) was form a band. With Thor as the lead singer.

The dream was taking place almost entirely through the television. In the dream, I was watching an E! network show on the phenomenon. I feel like I was already aware of it, in the dream - but that I hadn't really paid much attention to it before, and this was my first chance to really take an interest.

They sucked! As a band. Very lame. But it was clear that nobody at E! was going to call them on it. They were just getting all of this spotlight and coverage purely based on the fact that they were pagan gods as of olde, not based on any musical talent!

Then the snooze alarm went off again. The main impression I was left with was, "Why's Thor so tan?"


Lunarchick said...

"Why's Thor so tan?"

I literally snorted at that. Well done sir. Well done.

dogimo said...

I finally decided it was from hanging out with Apollo.