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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Dream Journal #7: That Thing That Thing That Thiiiiing

I had a long strange one where I was staying at my brother's palatial home, and doing strange/impossible tricks to amuse his kids (which they were more than bored with), and helping with the grocery shopping in this ENORMOUS warehouse supermarket, and other various things. It went on for a while.

Then there was this weird slow-moving pet-sized furry animal he had, that was adorable! But a little freaky. It looked like a cat-sized gerbil, but with longer arms and legs that it used to slowly pull itself around. It had no tail on its cute round-little butt. Its face was more like a rabbit or maybe a beaver, but without the buck teeth. Anyway, my brother kept this thing in this big square cage that he carried around the house with him, to protect it from the cats. In the dream his house was positively crawling with cats, and they were all dying to get at this thing.

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