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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Past Must Be Preserved. The Past Must Not Be Lost

That project has to be handled delicately, though. I mean, you can't just walk up to old people with the DVcam going and tell them to spill their choicest brain contents for posterity's sake can you? You need to exercise some tact. The aged are a non-renewable resource (the specific aged, I mean), and while in general most will be thrilled to be listened to, you can't just treat them like some sort of commodified item.

Heck. I know that when I get to be some old coot, and one of my great-great-grand-neicephews comes around with a (geez, by that point it won't be a DVcam) with a triaxial dimensiovax to take my spatial parameters and extract all my best recognitive episodes, I'll be all indignant: "what about ME though, you punk kid! I can't be reduced to simply an index scan of quantum pattern maps and a bunch of lies, I mean, stories from my past!"

I plan on being kind of feisty.

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