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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time to Give Jews their Overdue Due

So, I was putting my labels on the previous post when I was suddenly struck by an alarming fact about myself! I have never, apparently, blogged about the Jews! At least, not to such a significant extent within any given post that "Jews," "Judiasm," or any other such Jew-related label was applied.

That's atrocious! That's borderline insulting! I of all people have the greatest respect for the Jews. For instance, I almost always employ the definite article. The Jews. None of this jews this, jews that business. I think the Jews as a people definitely deserve a "the" up there. Another time, I dated a girl who was a pret-ty fine specimen of Judaism herself. We shacked up in fact, for years. She ended up leaving me for another guy, who was NOT Jewish - so much for that stereotype!

At least, I don't think he was Jewish. He didn't look Jewish.

No wait, he definitely wasn't Jewish! Because she mentioned later on that she had CONVERTED! To Christianity. I don't know if I understand that. Why not be a Jew for Jesus? Her call!

None of my business, but to me at least, it's a question.

But quite apart from the wonderful Jews I've known in my own life - who have been quite a mixed bag of humanity just like everyone else's group is, frankly. Of course they have! There's no sense whitewashing the diverse richness that lives in the tides and eddies of our myriad ethnicities. There will always be assholes in every gene pool, and stream of belief! But one thing that strikes me is, I know all kinds of people who strongly identify as Christian, and yet - the way they act and live, it doesn't always appear to be a particular good influence on them. Enough said. But I tell you, in my personal experience at least, those who use their Jewishness in their daily lives - as a definite part of their identity, as opposed to something that shouldn't matter - those who emphasize it and bring it to the fore, their Jewishness never seems to fail to be an inspiring influence on the life of the individual, plus just kind of cool and inspirational in general, to me.

And rightly so! The Jews have a lot to be proud of. They have a heritage, and a legacy, that cries out for a bit of respect. And I'm not talking about the damn holocaust either! Some sick son of a bitch was telling me that the Jews are better off as a result of the holocaust, citing special treatment they supposedly receive. I nearly decked that guy! There were tons of people who DIED in that, who would otherwise have lived to have babies and build accomplishments and live lives. The world would be immeasurably enriched today, from the stories they could have told, the lessons they could have taught, the ideas they would have come up with. Just from living their lives, that were lost. The true depth of that loss can never even begin to be calculated - not just to other Jews. To the entire world.

The Jews are wonderful storytellers. Always have been (not all of them, of course - there's this one guy I know, MAN - NO GOOD)! The Jews have a rich history of making up ridiculous shit and putting it in the Bible. God must get such a laugh at some of that stuff that happens in Judges! But after all, nothing more implausible than much of what goes on in multiplexes these days. In fact, there could be a connection to make, there. I was working on a screenplay: it would be kind of a "cut to the chase" situation, franchise-wise, but still leaving a lot of room open for post-­massive-­blockbusting-­success prequels: JUDGES XII: Samson Goes Bananas!

For the Jews that go in for Judaism, I mean in a religious way, I love the way that they look at the Law. It's a beautiful thing, to have that explained to you. I don't look at it that same way, so I can't explain it. I can't quite carry it all around in my mind. But I'll have Levi run it by me again, and I'll work it up into a post for you guys. Because it's very beautiful, and poetic, and involved in the will and the mind of God. There's a certain mystery there, it is about meditating with your daily actions. About living and choosing to live in a constant consciousness of God. It isn't just "Don't to this, don't do that, change your lyrics."

OK. This post is getting big, and it already barely scratches what I know about the Jews. I'd have a lot more to say about the Jews if you really got me going on the topic. Love the Jews! So when I saw I had NO Jew-posts, I said: gotta remedy that, PRONTO. That's not how I want to come across. It was like that one time I noticed I had practically no posts with 'America' in it, as a label. Who ME? Sacrilege!

Having said all that, I don't see why Jews and Muslims can't get along. There's much there that each side ought to be able to appreciate. In fact, for a while there I kind of wanted to convert. I wanted to be a Muslim for Jesus.

"There is no God but Allah. And His Son is Jesus Christ."

You've got to admit, that's a strong statement. Hard to argue with a guy who walks up to you on the street and lays that on you.

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