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Friday, September 18, 2009

Working On Getting Some Songs Up!


I've been working on slapping some rough demos together, putting them up someplace. Here, preferably, if I can find an easy sidebar dealy for that. Or MySpace or whatever. I'd like to thank those of you for your patience. When it comes to how great my songs are, I've been talking ten tons of trash for ages with a pretty meager walk : talk ratio, and Lord knows what you people must be thinking by now of the actual quality of these gems, like I might have something to hide rather than just being lazy.

So there's that to look forward to! Look for at least a few good ones up by, say, November's end. Then you'll be able to judge all for yourselves. Those of you with expectations, your expectations will be addressed! Those of you who have heard some of 'em already, to point where you're sick of them even, don't even sweat it! The first ones I plan to put up will be la merde nouvelle.

But in general of songs, poems, I should note:

I'm not always the "I" in the song. I could very well be the other person. Most of my most vicious quips are thus stealthily self-directed!

And by the same coin's flipside: if I'm not the "I"...the other person probably is.

Not all songs have an "I". Some of them don't.

What else.

They're pretty much all love songs. Any of you pusses can't handle that - you know where the door is.


John Dantzer said...

Looking forward to them.

Unknown said...

Me too.

dogimo said...

Me too!

The more I think about it, I'm going to have to set it up someplace 'invite-only' - but you two are definitely invited, and I'll put a post up once it's up so all of my welcome readers can be invited!

The whole thing is mainly more for friends ands some family, most of whom don't particularly care about the blog (those who know about it) but who have been bugging me for ages to put some stuff out there they can listen to when I'm not around with my guitar handy.

I'm thrilled to be able to share it with y'alls as well! Further bulletins, further bulletins...