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Thursday, October 01, 2009

As a Sociopath, I'm a Bit of a Disappointment

I'm a broken sociopath. I grew up with a strong sense of my own invincibility, rooted in the smug serene self-knowledge of the fact that the rules of society did not apply, in my case.

But life's been hard, since then. I've been beaten down. Cowed. Broken to the yoke. The way I figure it these days is that society's rules pretty much do apply. Even to me. It's hard to conclude otherwise, at this point.

Now that's a hard thing, for a guy like me to admit to! You can imagine. But I guess, in the final analysis, I tended to tow the line on most of those rules anyhow. I mean, I didn't feel like they applied! But I saw the plain good sense of most of them, and I was a big enough man to condescend to submit to society. Not submit as an inferior would, to a greater power! No! Submit, but only on a level of equals.

I wasn't really doing anything too terribly impressive with my ingrained sense of impunity anyway, so what the heck I guess. No big loss!

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dogimo said...

Actually I consider myself sort of a role model for sociopaths. A shining example to sociopaths.

I mean, it's all in how you look at it!