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Saturday, October 03, 2009

ERROR Pt.4: Label casualties so far

"A blog may have at most 2000 labels."

OK. So far, we've lost all individual saints, reduced to "saints." I'm in the process of axing every holiday but Christmas in favor of "holidays." I knocked out a couple others that could just as easily be described by another word that was already there. I'm eying the different foods and wondering if they all need to go as just "food."

This really sucks. Some of these labels that are going to end up being axed were very nice, subtle, comedy touches when viewed together with the post. Now here I go indiscriminately hacking and slashing away value. What a bummer.

But here's the thing: it still won't let me add new labels! I've removed a good dozen of these. Was I way over 2000? Is it going to take me a huge housecleaning just to get under the limit?

And if that's the case, does that mean this limit was only just recently instituted, perhaps even instituted BECAUSE OF ME? To address my egregiously prolific labeling?

See, I should be rewarded for that not penalized.

Anyway. I'm still on strike. Unpublishable posts, those requiring new labels, are piling up.


Edana said...

They must have changed this or something. I got curious and copied your list of labels (just the alphabetized one, not the common-ness one below it) into a Word document and used the word count thing to tell me how many lines there were. So you currently have 2,421 labels. And your pretty recent post entitled "A Corrected Cosmology" has the label "turtles" on it, and it's the only one that does.

If the 2,000 labels thing comes back up, I don't imagine you'll enjoy deleting over 400.

dogimo said...

Yes they did THANK GOD raise the limit to 5,000 labels (update).

Damn, I still need to go back and put labels on some of those October / November '09 posts. I had basically boycotted labeling in the interim. I'm still way more circumspect about adding labels, and in fact I'm planning a campaign to eliminate most of the single-instance tags.