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Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm Kind of a Prick, You Know?

I'm kind of a prick, you know? Sometimes I'll just say something, without the slightest forethought or intent, and it comes out as kind of a jerk rude quip to lay on a person all unsuspecting. And why? Darned if I know! It's just a big part of who I am. For whatever reason, I am stronger than I need to be, in that regard.

Example, just today a girl I know - a pretty close friend! I like her a lot, I respect her a lot. But we're talking, about something completely unrelated, and for whatever reason there's a break in the repartee and she says, "You know, you're such a great guy! A funny guy."

Well what a nice thing to say! I don't know why, but for whatever reason, whenever I get a sudden rush of being all bashful and complimented and stuff, my knee-jerk deflection technique kicks in. So she says this very nice thing to me, and without skip of beat I return "yeah, well don't start ovulating or anything!"

Which, hey, a bit rude, huh?

But on balance, probably good advice. Because after all...I am kind of a prick.

Anyway. No harm done. It got a big laugh, after the obligatory long pause/indecipherable look. I must have pulled out an awesome save, with a subtle eyebrow twitch that let her know how I meant it, or something.

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