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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Further Biblical Exegesis: The Book of Judges

The Book of Judges is the bomb. I tell you it's an action movie franchise extravaganzaramathon waiting to happen! I know I've mentioned before my killer screenplay treatment, which I've been working on (JUDGES XII: Samson Goes Bananas). That's my whole 'hook' - start with the big headliner everyone already knows about, Samson, then use the massive profits from that blockbuster smash to reboot the franchise all the way back, prequel-style - and tell it from JUDGE ONE. That's a guaranteed Hollywood plan for box office legs and storytelling excellence! And finally - for once - we'd have a major big-budget special effects laden action franchise that tells the truth about the Jews' struggle. I think this concept can succeed on all cylinders. Literally every cylinder.

Because really, a lot of people don't realize that Judges is way more than just Samson and his freaky superstrength hairdo. He was perhaps top dog in a long line of asskickers, but all of the Judges were very much cut from the same cloth. Back in the day, one sufficiently-righteous Jew armed with the jawbone of an ass was a force to be reckoned with!

What the Philistines really needed to do to lock that area down, they should have instituted strict Jawbone-Of-An-Ass Control laws. Like, a 40 day 40 night waiting period or something.


Elliott said...

Initially, I was drawn here solely by the word 'Exegesis'. Not something one encounters every day, took me back to my heady days of college, surrounded by theology majors.

But I'd like to add now that I'd probably pay a buck two fifty to see 'Samson goes Bananas'.

dogimo said...

Oh heck, I'd even spend a good sixty to ninety million dollars of other peoples' money to MAKE it! Just so I could spend the matinee fee to go see it.

But it's the prequels that get me all excited. Othniel Rises. Ehud Strikes Back.

Yes, "exegesis" sure brings back memories! I love the word, but it's not one of those you can just throw around.