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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holy Beans! Mary Baker Eddy Is Hot!


She's hot!

I need to learn more about this. Do you guys evangelize? Any Christian Scientists out there? Take the crux of it! Stick it in the comments.

Come on, man. Don't make me go into one of those Reading Rooms. People in there are creepy.

Wow, what actress does she remind you of? How come there's no movie of her?

What a fox. Look at the sheer, transfixing deep penetration of her stare, there! People say she was a nutty bat, but I'd hear her out.


Pearl said...

She is what I would fall "fine featured". Looks like a small person, doesn't she?

From what I call Aimee Semple McPherson was hot, too.

That's where all the hot chicks were at the turn of the century: religion.

Or kitchens.


dogimo said...

"America's church is the home - and the kitchen is both altar and sacristy."

- Rev. Daniel Fakereference Rivas said...

Looks like she had Graves Disease, bulging eyes, painfully thin. Hyperactive thyroid.

dogimo said...

It's entirely possible, I suppose!

Wait, you can see her thyroid?