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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's So Catchy How He Does It!

It's weird how his voice keeps...what is that, some kind of a stutter? His voice keeps halting to a dead stop, blank for just a second! For maybe like a syllable - and it happens on several words in a sentence sometimes! But yet other times, he can reel off an impressive uninterrupted stretch of lyrics, for lines and lines.

The most amazing thing is how he is able to turn that weird speech impediment into a rhythmic device! He makes it work for him. A talented man who turns adversity in his favor - that's the kind of story we as Americans eat up cold for breakfast! We will choose uplift of that sort over any other food.

So feast your ears on Memphis Bleek Featuring DJ Clue and...I believe, one William M. Holler.

Seriously, those are some cool names.


lacrema said...




If you want to see a rapper literally using a stutter as an aural rhythm device, check out Eminem's second verse in Fast Lane.

Mel said...

or, of course, the ultimate paean to stutters in rap!