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Monday, August 01, 2011

Food Judge #2: The Big Ritz Gyp Revisited

Here it is and welcome to another edition of the Food Judge. Yesterday on last week's episode of Food Judge, we took a look at the "Ritz Sandwich." So-called. And we discovered some pretty troubling things, and the Food Judge verdict was: go with the open-faced treatment instead.

But you know what's actually a pretty good compromise? Make an even number of bottoms, then snap some in half for the tops! At least you get some of that cracker savor against the roof of your mouth. Half a cracker's fine, and you still stretch your supply by a 50% margin or thereabouts.

A full-on Ritz sandwich is still a pretty bad scam. That's what they want you to do - don't fall for it.

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limom said...

I eat all the half Biskits first, so I can savor the full flavor of the whole ones.