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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall TV Preview Review Episode 1 "Up All Night" Pt. 3: Errata.

Correction: in Pt. 1, that should have read Anchorman III: Run Ron Burgundy Run! The San Diego City Councilman Story. That's Burgundy. Not Jeremy.

Thanks to our keen-eyed readership for the tipoff - and thanks also for the discretion in e-mailing me, rather than slapping it in the comments for all to see, so I look like an idiot!

In the forest of our modern media explosion, discretion is an increasingly rare bird.


dogimo said...

Yes, I am part of the readership. I count.

I'm even following myself!

Mel said...

I reckon you should make another blogger profile called "Shadowman" created entirely just to follow yourself with. And on EVERY post of dogimo's he simply comments "I see what you did there".

You can never escape from Shadowman! which ever way you turn, there he is, attached to your every move! following you like a Follow McFollower, unless, you know, it becomes overcast.

dogimo said...


What the hell, Mel, I'm usually right on your heels whenever you go tearing off in some mad, wild direction but I think you good and lost me on that one.

No worries! I always know where I can be found.

Mel said...

Sorry! I just kinda was intrigued by the concept of you following yourself and the whole metaness of that and then, yeah... these things I should keep to myself!

dogimo said...

...but i feel somehow strangely compelled to say: DON'T! Please don't. Don't keep it to yourself. Risk the toss, every time. Even if you deluged me with a hundred pounds of pretty glittering crystals of mere iron pyrite for every nugget of true gold, #1 - that's still good, sparkly stuff, right? All that glitters...GLITTERS! Glitter is its own kind of gold.

And #2, it's totally worth it for that hunk of gold, too. I mean, it's got to be, right? That's GOLD.

Gold is also its own kind of gold. The gold kind.

Mel said...

One time when I was out trekking in the wilds of South Australia I came across a huge deposit of mica. There was some evidence that there had been an attempt to mine it decades ago by perhaps amateur prospectors. It was so amazing. Nature’s the best, innit.

dogimo said...

I am convinced that Nature is the second best.