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Monday, September 12, 2011

Perspectives on Satire: a note on satire.

Please note, when it comes to satire - I do my best to put 'satire' in the labels, in those cases. Satire isn't supposed to be funny. Yes, satire can be funny sometimes! Especially when they fuck it up, and fail spectacularly. Satire can also be funny even when it is done right. But any time satire done right is funny, know this: funny was beside the point. Funny was just a little bit of collateral damage on the side. Because for satire done right, funny is not the object.

The object of satire is not humor, but ridicule. The object of satire is to land a fair, square blow - and ideally, to land it with a brutal and cruelly unfair force. The object of satire is to castigate society for its flaws.

Keep that in mind, please. Yes, this is a setup. I'll tell you tomorrow. Get ready to laugh your ass off. No, I'm kidding.

Side note: saying "it was satire" is not the same as saying "I was kidding!" I assure you, when you royally piss your girlfriend off with a completely miscalculated and inexcusable bon mot, and your excuse is to tell her "it was satire!" - oh man, don't even bother to pack shit up. Your stuff has just been crash-teleported to a big pile in the driveway.

Nothing of anything in this post is satire. And no, that fact is not an instance of irony. There is no justifiable reason why we should expect a post about satire to oh-so-metacleverly be satire, so the dissonance between expectation and situation that gives irony its characteristic bite is utterly lacking in this post. Not everthing has to be all neat, cute, and bow-tied okay?


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