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Monday, October 17, 2011

Can You Help?

Hi guys! Maybe one of you, my loyal readers, can help Serge out by posting some suggestions for him in the comments. This is the e-mail he sent me:


I'm so glad that someone else reads books :) I found The Master and Margarita in your profile, it is one of my favorite ones!

I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog

I read the post "Daylight! Let's Just See What It Looks Like" and then I spent another hour on your blog by reading your posts with pleasure :) Every article is interesting and easy to read. I really like the "Tough Topics #25: The Occupation".

I work for XXXXXX company, we aggregate job adverts around the world.

My job is to persuade bloggers to link to our site.

I really love my job! We have a friendly team and good management, but unfortunately I have no idea how to convince a blogger to link to us, I'm afraid I might lose my job because of it :(

And that is why, instead of sending letters to thousands of different blogs, I am reading yours.

Honestly, I am not really sure if the link to our website in United States -, will be appropriate for your blog, but if you believe it will and it is possible to add it, I would be really grateful to you! Our site is really cool, it can greatly help hundreds of people to find a job.

I wish you to have a good day and excellent mood! Thanks again for your nice blog. Write more! Thanks!

Best regards,

Serge Lxxxxxx
Account Manager

Serge, I am glad that you are so sensitive to people and their sensitivities. It is a fact that the link to your website would not be appropriate for my blog, but maybe I can help this way! I'm sure you will be reading this post, and hopefully some of my readers can come up with some suggestions for you, as to what might be good ways to convince bloggers to add a link to their blogs so you don't lose your job!

Folks, I don't know Serge personally, but I can tell just from this one e-mail, he's dead-on correct about a number of things:

1. Every article is interesting and easy to read.
2. Someone else does indeed read books! And that's something to be glad about.
3. The Master and Margarita is a great book.

Serge, you are welcome from and welcome to my wonderful blog! I hope the readers can come up with some good ideas for you!

I now close with a beautiful little number called "Serge (Late In Rome)" by Mr. Neil Finn.


Mel said...

Dear Surge, (can I call you Surge? you sound like a pretty electric kinda guy)

I read your email as posted on the wonderful! and could not help but feel for your plight. It must be frustrating to have such an amazing workplace and amazing bosses but then to be labelled as “Serge the Spam Sucker” (you do know that’s what they call you, right? Harsh I know, but that’s what offices are like hey, I mean, you don’t even DO spam, you tailor your marketing with individual care and attention, dude, fuck tha haters I say). Did you know when you agreed to work for that your task would be to read through blog after blog looking for ones that actually meet your requirement? I mean, shit there’s a lot of DRIVEL out there in blog land... well, not that I’ve seen many blogs, only chumps like you have to read that shit HAHAHA, only joking, Surge, it’s brilliant you’ve even got a job amirite, what with all that occupy wall street/GFC drama, I mean, we take what we can get hey. Anyway, I think your sincerity and honesty shine through – all I could say is maybe suggest to the “big-wigs” that they change the company name, it kinda sounds a bit porny at the moment and I know you actually work for a reputable company, I can tell you’re a reputable kinda guy... so yeah, I reckon just keep being yourself and if worse comes to worse and you DO lose your job, well hey, you work for a job advertisement aggregating company, so, you know, you’re well-placed to look for something else.

Bestest luck, Serge my man...


snortingmarmots said...

Hey Serge!

It is SO CRAZY to reconnect with you here, of all places. I’m sure you remember me, your old pal snortingmarmots from grade school. Man did we give our teachers a run for their monies. I’m glad to see that even after sitting in English class together (with that boring old Mrs. Whatshername) you are still reading books. I too am still reading books, though mostly I am reading weblogs. I read hundreds of weblogs every day, and I love each and every one of them, especially

I was going to visit your site,, but I’m really in a hurry. I work for an antivirus security company and my boss is having me spend $100000 in two days on internet pages to discover which ones are the scams so we can block them for our clients. As I know my good friend Serge Lxxxxxx would never be involved in something like that I can’t waste company time right now.

However, I have lots of tips for how to solve that problem you mentioned, so if you’d like to continue this conversation at a later date you could drop a comment at my personal website

I look forward to laughing with you like in the old times again,