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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kickass Screenplay Idea #20: This Could Be The Big One, All You Faithful Sci-Fi Fans

I want to do a classic space operatic type sci-fi franchise, as big as Trek or Wars, action figures, sequels, spin-offs, rip-offs, conventions, the whole works. And you know it would take off, because this would be a faith-based take on the epic intergalactic sci-fi genre! All of their technobabble would be couched in terms and rationalizations that would make it clear that God was the driving principle behind the universe, and underlying all their high-tech devices. You know when evolution is explained by reference to intelligent design? Well, here it would be physics that would be explained that way. Easy leap to make! All the jargon about energy bolts, matter-transference and force shields would be just be "Godded-up." AWESOME.

For example, when the gruff, charismatic, sexy-yet-intriguingly chaste starship captain of the hero ship USS KYRIOS wants to give the order to jump to faster-than-light, instead of "Warp" or "Hyperspace," it would be "Make the jump to GODSPEED!"

Stuff like that. This will be something for all the faithful sci-fi fans, who are sick of being insulted by various concepts in sci-fi that crop up from time to time that are clearly unbiblical.

The good galactic forces would be called the Fellowship. They would have to spring into action to deal with a godless rebellion centered on planet Secularr. The Seculons, misguided, misled, would have unwittingly forged an alliance with Space Satan that, if unchecked, would certainly lead to their destruction, and the destruction of plenty of other stuff besides.

The whole thing is called STAR CROSS. I have the ship designs and poster all worked out.

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