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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Apologies, Pajama Club!

Here I am posting some EXCITING AS HELL live clip of you playing a cover tune of some dude's brother-act band, when I didn't even realize you actually went to the trouble to make an OFFICIAL VIDEO.

Awesome use of promotional resources, thank you for the excellent and rather disquieting effort!


Edit: by the way. RELEASE "GO KART" AS A SINGLE!

EDIT2: aw, I love this! Straight video of the band in a room with gear strewn about.

As much as I like the more "mod presentation" of the album-art-set and cartoon-half-dissected-sex-zombies clip for "Tell Me What You Want" in the clip above, which works very well for the song, this here is such beautiful laid-back capture of character. The song is gorgeous:


Mel said...

*enters comment box*
*leaves a comment*


*runs away from comment box real quick*


dogimo said...

Oh yeh?

Mel said...

Yeah. I'm really glad other people are diggin it, but it doesn't kick it for me. But then neither did Intriguer much and PJC is like my worst nightmare of a whole album of "Isolation", not in the songs all being like "Isolation", but you know, the vibe - but it's cool - whatevs Neil, do your thing... but maybe, just every now and again... PLAY THE HITS, YO! :-D

dogimo said...

Wait. What if this becomes a hit?

You know, combined with Neil's stated objective (recent interviews) to make now be the most prolific he's ever been - this album plus that mission is the best news ever for you and others who yearn for a more "classic" CH album. This other outlet gives Neil a place to direct the less CH-y impulses, and what we get under the Crowded House label should be that much more "on-brand"!