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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh For Sake's Sake!

I count on everyone to NEVER do anything uncomfortable, to never do anything out of their own comfort zone, for my sake. In fact, no one ever has! THANK GOD.

A few people thought they had, but after looking into it they had to admit, no they hadn't.

Because I hate that! How can something you hate be for your sake? Isn't it kind of insulting, when someone does something YOU HATE, and says it's for "your sake"? Come on. I think some of these people, there's some weird sake of their own involved, that they're just trying to foist off on yours. Don't let people get away with that crap.

A few times, a couple of people thought they had done personally uncomfortable things for my sake. They thought for some reason that would please me! Like the idea of people doing uncomfortable things (things that, let's be honest, I wouldn't have asked them to do, and don't remotely need) could ever in a million years please me. It's repulsive is what it is, frankly! Thoughtful gestures, that's fine, but who thinks a personally upsetting or uncomfortable action can be a "thoughtful" gesture? What kind of sick, codependent, passive-aggressive behavior pattern is this? Sure, if a person wants to violate their own comfort zone for some reason of their own, that's fine! Who am I to judge? But that's for their sake, not mine. Maybe they wanted to prove some point, or push some boundary. That's on them, and good on 'em! Go for it, okay? Just leave my sake out of your little experimental self-boundary exercise, please.

Be honest with yourself. Think about it. Aren't we all pretty well universally aware that nobody actually wants us to do uncomfortable things, and say it is for THEM? No, it's not for them. It's for you. I've never encountered anyone who actually wanted me to do uncomfortable things for them.

Most people would be repulsed by that proposition. Wouldn't they? Wouldn't you? I sure would!

That's why it's just the weirdest thing to me, when every now and then, it happens. Somebody tells me some horrible (to them) thing that they did, for "my sake." I'm like, dude. Get your own sake. Hands off my sake, you clearly have no accurate idea about what it is or what it's after.

Oh, they always apologize after I clear up the situation for them, but really, they didn't need to do that either.

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