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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tough Topics #22: Sending Jobs Overseas

Exporting jobs overseas. Eventually it's going to catch up to you, but good news: once it does, the problem solves itself!

Here's how it works. You keep sending those jobs to India for instance, okay. That only works for you in the short-term. More years go by, their standard of living will keep rising - side effect of all those jobs. Next thing you know, it's practically up to our standard! - and their home-grown industry will be on-pace as well. That'll force us to move on to the next shit-wage labor place, but: problem. India's now exporting their jobs there as well! Cheaper labor than those now-pampered Indians.

The top-standard livers will keep having to divvy up the shit-standard load bearers between them, and the more jobs we pour down their underprivileged throats, the sooner their standard starts leveling up. This problem just builds and builds. Soon fewer and fewer places exist where primo jobs can be sent for a shit wage! And the competition among top-standard countries for that shrinking available bottom-earner labor pool will just get fiercer and fiercer - and they will have to pay top shit dollar to land that in-demand labor. Supply-demand-based pressure, driving up the price as usual.

Eventually, all of the high-living standard countries will run out of places with any poor-living standards at all. No place will be left to send our precious jobs for shit pay, because everyone's standard of living will have been brought up to - well, not ours, but close enough to it that it isn't worth the export effort.

Problem solved. Nobody will be shipping jobs overseas, then.

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