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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Gender Identity!! YES!!

Gender identity is cool as fuck. I'm in Santa Cruz, so I've noticed a lot people around who seem to have a stake in that whole deal. I for one support it! I couldn't be more pleased! For me it's not a matter of tolerance, nor even of acceptance - but a matter for CELEBRATION! Celebrate the gender identity you've chosen to project! Or don't! Your choice!

I just wanted to make that clear. When I ask "is that a guy?" - that's just an honest question about somebody I'm not sure I'm thinking the right way about - the way they'd want me to think, about the identity they've choosen for his or her self, depending! It's not any wish to thrust individuals into rigidly-assigned roles, based on some societal dictate from ages back. FUCK THAT NOISE.

I do admit though. I'm kind of into identifiable females. It's a kink thing, arguably. Arguably?

Honestly, I don't even really mind how people want to be perceived, as long as they do a competent job putting it across. Gender identity's not that hard. If it's really an important thing for anybody? Just buy into a stereotype or two, and use what you've got to present a certain front. WHO CARES. Or maybe what you're after is to confront those divisions, to deliberately place yourself so that people can't place you one way or the other! Nothing wrong with that. That's what you're after, in that case. If that's what you're after and you expect the result you get, then that's a strong choice, if that's your choice!

And if so, good job.


Mel said...

True story, one of my eight year old niece's favourite songs to sing at the moment is Dude (Looks Like a Lady) She's rad like that. Come to think of it though, all she does is sing the refrain over and over again.

dogimo said...

Mel, we all enjoy that song for the seeming light-hearted romp that it is, yet concealed in its lyrics is what appears to be a quite serious backstage incident. They were having the time of their lives, until somebody said "forgive me if I seem out of line," produced a firearm, and attempted to shoot Steven Tyler. The fact that no trace of a description of this incident can be found in external references only leads me to believe it is more true.

To be sure, the innuendo-heavy, tongue-in-cheek style of these lyrics makes it hard to be sure exactly what happened. One could read it as Steven Tyler being ordered at gunpoint to submit to receiving oral sex. But one thing comes through loud and clear: the fear. Fear that to this day, has sealed the lips of all those present.

We may never know just what went down.

Mel said...

If that story's true, then that really sucks.

dogimo said...


Omg I just got this