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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

SHHHHHH! shocking SEX CONFESSIONS! Pt. naughty

I confess that without prejudice to the totality of anyone's personhood, I find the spectrum of shapes, traits and forms typically embodied by female human beings to exert a powerful attraction. Bearing in mind, this is a stunningly diverse array of traits and typical forms! None of which exist in opposition to others, or seem to occupy a particularly dominant place in the hierarchy, at least for me.

DON'T BE SHOCKED. It's natural what you're into, people!! Just because I happen to be very up front and at peace with the good things within me, with the aspects of others which awake me to the powerful pull to a goodness they have, that can't be bad. Please don't assume I'm a PERVERT just because here I am, just as the Lord God made me. CHOCK FULL of positively Darwinian urges. And when I say "positively," I mean these are positive things. All they do is awaken one, powerfully, to a certain part of the ranges of beauty that exist across and within humanity. So is that bad? Some people like poppyseeds!

Let's face it, some aspects of persons present to our senses, immediately. An awareness of the powerful attraction some of these aspects can hold doesn't come at the expense of ANY of a person's aspects that may present later, which may not be instantly evident. Heck no - if anything I tend to assume a natural curiosity and wonder towards aspects of emotion, intelligence, personality which only come through the more you know a person. My natural posture is to assume these will prove to exist in abundance. That's my natural posture because in practice, it almost always proves to be the case. Anyone who limits or dismisses the worth of a person beyond just the frank shape figure and form they throw across your vision - that person is a DORK.

However, anybody who takes a frank admission of attractedness to a certain range of typical shapes, figures, and forms, an admission such as I've made here, and concludes from it that I am prone to a limited, dismissive attitude towards others, an attitude that diminishes aspects other than the sexualized aspects of a person's form - SUPER dork. Anyone who concludes that about me, that's like, the last dork from a whole exploded planet of dorks, whose dork parents shot them into space to come here, where the yellow solar rays of our system only INCREASE AND MAGNIFY their dorkiness, to the point where they're capable of spectacular feats of dorktitude like that.


VEG said...


Dork then?

I have expressed before my love of non perfect looking people and you called my bluff on the goddang Clooney but he is just not attractive. He is a chiselled man stone. I prefer a little quirk with my smirk. A little personality. A little unusualness so long as it doesn't include...I don't know...cannibalism or like...wearing the insides of kittens as a hat. Other than these traits, men are damn attractive creatures too! WHO KNEW?

I don't know where I'm going with this.

dogimo said...

MEN? Men.

Hmm. You know what, we're going to have to just agree to disagree on this one, Veg.

JMH said...

Nine of these posts just appeared in my Feedly. I'm going to get stoned and read them. FYI.

JMH said...

Oh geez. I've walked into a trap. Maybe not. Maybe all sexual attractions are equal in the eyes of the divine, and they are indebted to it. For it is the divine, within human beings, that creates everything.

But sex should be fun!

dogimo said...

Not entirely sure I agree with your police work there, Jon. I'd say that if the divine's involved at all, it's only that the divine gifted us with a degree of divinity which we then USE. But because it is a free gift, who and what we are is ours, the divine is ours, what we create is ours.

And fun.