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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tales of Business Woe #1: beware the feeder

The copier ate my originals. And they had ink signatures on them.

Oh, man.

I got them out the other end - they were stuck, I pulled them loose as carefully as I could and then - just look. Macerated, torn, crumpled, all but digested, but oh okay. I guess it is recoverable.

This will not mar the accord. I will be able to smooth, flatten out, scan, then clean up the digital rips without altering a jot of language - who is to know the difference? And nothing at all shady about this.

But somewhere, in the back of my mind, in my cabinet of ink originals, this thing is going to sit. This contract is going to look so dumb, if they ever ask to see it again! It will look - what? Deliberately demolished! Smooshed, halfway torn in half and a big corner off, floating separate in the clear cellophane envelope we use to keep it together.

It will look like we're the kind of outfit who is like "got one signed! A sacred agreement - HERE'S HOW WE TREAT THESE!!"

Man, I hate what this piece of paper, looking like this, says about me.


Mel said...

One time at work I printed out an application form for legal assistance for a client and a recipe for myself. When I got home the application form was in my bag, and I realised I had posted the client the recipe.

I still like to hope he made the dish.

dogimo said...

Did YOU make the dish? How was it and what was it?

Mel said...

I did manage to remember which recipe it was and printed it out again, but it's still in my "to do" pile.


Another time my nail polish was flaking off and a big chip of pink polish landed inside the envelope just as I sealed it. I feel sorry for that client because that's kinda creepy to get a chip of nail polish in your mail.

Point being, don't feel bad about having a mangalated contract... at least you've never sent anyone a chip of nail polish or a recipe anonymously.

dogimo said...

I have to break down and confess this was a fictional account. Albeit, it is also a panic and a presentiment I've lived with and guarded against, but Mel, it never happened. I was trying to exorcise a demon here, with this one.