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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A load of towels.

I hate doing towels. I hate doing towels! It's like a wasted load of laundry. There's nothing in there for you to wear!

It doesn't increase the availability of your wardrobe.

I mean, it's not like you can be getting ready to go out, "Man! Nothing's clean - oh sweet a towel!"

I mean, I guess you could go out that. But people will consider you pretty much open season, fashion criticism wise. Come on, a towel? You might have to admit that's even worse than non-exercise sweatpants! Certain people, they feel that for certain of your choices, they have every right to point, and offer a critique. Well do they? Do they have the right?

Yeah, they do. You went outside, so they do. Grow up and do the laundry, and if you still have nothing suitable - why not try Ross? That's where I got this shirt! Also pretty much all my towels.

Yeah, yeah, I know the towels need to be done. The luxury of a beautiful fluffy warm clean towel, fresh out of the shower, buffing your nude skin all rosy - beat that for luxury! Of course, that's the reason why we do towels.

But in terms of how we principally conceive laundry - as a process and a ritual, almost spiritual, almost miraculous, that renews and redeems what we've worn, and returns it to us as if like new...!

You have to admit a load of towels leaves you feel short-changed on that score.


Jen said...

Coupla comments:

1. It won't just be open season on you for critical COMMENTS, pal. Especially not if you's a girl. Going out in a towel is worse than a toga.

2. Towels are actually one of the trickiest loads. They get SOUR! I add a little bleach, even if they are colored towels. My mom adds baking soda.

3. Ross's rocks!

dogimo said...

Haha Jen! They do get sour. I'll try the bleach trick next time, thank you!

Actually, this load is for whatever reason very fresh. Maybe because I bleached the bajeezii out of my socks and undershirts in the previous wash load. A linger of bleach, mayhap, haymap.

Mel said...

I enjoy washing towels because I know when the load's done I won't have much to hang out, because you can only fit, like, six or so towels in one wash. Whereas with a load of, say, delicates and shirts, that's a time-consuming process, getting them all hung out.

Mel said...

Also, this.

dogimo said...

Not to mention the importance of knowing where your towel is as stressed in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Wow, I haven't hung out laundry in years. Decades. Ages. Ah, the backyard clothesline - strung from two stout steel pipe crossbars sunk in concrete bases. We used to climb those things like monkeys!