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Monday, September 02, 2013

I'm pretty sure this is now how my tsatsiki recipe goes.

It's been worked on a lot, over the years, but this gave the killer result so let me get it down.


*Four lbs. of yogurt, drained. I use a coffee-filter lined colander.
*One foot-long seedless English cucumber, peeled (the skin), then shaved using the same vegetable peeler (rotate, cutting away like sharpening a crayon), then chop the pile of shaved cucumber - pretty coarse, you just don't want any huge long shavings.
* garlic. Nine cloves. One of the cloves can be a small one if you prefer less. Crushed, then chopped coarse to fine, depending on your preference.
* fresh mint, about ten to twelve leaves
* fresh dill, about three to four sprigs' worth. Just use the dilly bits. Strip out the stems.
* dried mint & dried dill - a good two-three pinches of each, spread right over the pile of fresh dill and mint leaves, then chop the whole pile of fresh and dried herbs together finely.
* olive oil, four tablespoons
* lemon juice, three tablespoons
* white vinegar, two tablespoons
* salt. Some, but not too much. A decent amount.


In a large bowl, combine.

Use as a sauce for grilled meats, as a dip for dippy items (pita bread triangles - a classic application). It also makes a nice salad dressing, but that's kind of weird.

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JMH said...

I would not put tsatsiki on a green salad, but I would put it on a bunch of stale bread cubes (let's be fair, chunks). It would be a bread salad. Maybe if you had fresh diced tomatoes you could put them in there as well.