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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tips on Domesticity #8: Try Good Habits!

It's important to keep your house in order. Orderly, and hopefully part of that order is cleanliness! For goals like these, nothing beats a plan but sometimes, oft even, plans gang agley. They just do.

So what do we fall back on? Good habits. My friend, sometimes you just can't put that failsafe five phase clean the whole place masterplan into operation. Time constraints, laziness, or procrastination (that magic moment where laziness can turn any amount of time into "shit! A time constraint!"), it doesn't matter what gets in the way. Point is, you can't launch the operation.

But so what? Establish good habits, and you won't slide far off the mark. Example: I make a habit of mopping the kitchen floor every time I get distracted while starting a sinkful of dishes. Try to find natural habits like these, that practically suggest themselves as this follows that! Cultivate those habits, and soon you'll find you're halfway to ahead of the game by the time you can launch operation full-on clean house.

Hell, enough good habits in the rotation, you may never have to. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd better go mop the floor. And get started on those dishes!

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Mel said...

A good tip I once read was The One Minute Test. If the chore takes a minute or less to do, do it RIGHT THEN. Example; hanging up a jacket when you get home. Rather then chuck it on the chair or whatever, just hang it up RIGHT THEN. CHORE DONE.

I confess I don't always abide by this rule, but if I can try to do it most of the time I've noticed it does make quite a difference to the amount of shit left to do that builds up, ya know?